The modelling craftsman takes a block of lost wax and begins to bend and shape the ring.
Arriving very near to the desired design, the wax is placed in a cylinder full of scagliola and fused with an injection of gold. On cooling the gold takes the place and form of the primitive wax.
The modeller completes the work on the ring by preparing the opening for the precious stones. After setting the diamonds, the piece of jewellery is cleaned and polished by the artisanal polisher. The subsequent rhodium-plating process intensifies the brilliance of the white gold. In the final step, the central stone (Zoisite, Tanzanite variety) is mounted .
Client: Asia-based company with showroom
in Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai
Once the design of the object to be created has been agreed with the client, a production process that is entirely manual begins. The artisan modeller uses wax blocks to shape the ring based on the agreed design.
Setting of the Zoisite semi-precious stone (Tanzanite variety). ~~
The splendour of a rare, precious stone is united with an elegant, refined design.