Small rose gold seats are meticulously hand-made according to the measurement of each single stone (266 opal cabochons and 62 brilliant cut diamonds for the necklace). They are then mounted on modelling clay following the desired design.
Once the optimum form is obtained, the seats smoothly interlink one with the other providing good flexibility and a perfect fit.
The setter positions the opals using the "claw” technique. The final phase consists in cleaning by the artisanal polisher using appropriate brushes.
Client: Swiss company with showroom
in Geneva, Zurich, Hamburg, and Berlin
Necklace 01: Rose Gold - 3.84 ct. Diamonds - 115.80 ct. Ethiopian Opals
Buckles 02: Rose Gold - 0.80 ct. Diamonds - 15.52 ct. Ethiopian Opals
Ring 03: Rose Gold - 0.58 ct. Diamonds - 13.27 ct. Ethiopian Opals
Bracelet 04: Rose Gold - 1.26 ct. Diamonds - 71.88 ct. Ethiopian Opals