The production process carried out entirely by hand begins with the preparation of the rose gold foil (smelting the gold, machine rolling and hand hammering to eliminate any impurities).
Next, the foil is engraved by an expert modeller using a Guilloché machine and curved, depending on the size required. Following hand preparation of the outer filaments in white gold, the craftsman solders the foil and sets the diamonds.
After the hinge and spring have been bolted, the bracelet is finally cleaned and polished by the artisanal polisher.
Client: private from Abu Dhabi
1. Preparation of external filaments. Modelled with diamonds meticulously hand-set,the Frank bracelet sparkles with three-dimensional colour ~~
Guilloché engraving is an ancient art according to which, by manually adjusting the Guilloché machine on a row by row basis, it is possible to create a harmonious design on surfaces in precious metal.
2. Finishing of external filaments. 3. Trace for hinge using the milling machine. 4. Practical test for final bolting of the hinge.