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Atelier Ofir originated from the great passion and curiosity of Valenzano Alberto Vaccari. A goldsmith and jewellery designer, he initially studied in Valenza. Then in the early 1950s he moved to Paris to expand his horizons, learning the fine art of Parisian jewellers (who created their masterpieces almost exclusively in Platinum and Diamonds), and opening his outlook to a more international taste. He arrived back in his home town with a vast knowledge of fine jewellery and the desire to prove himself. He further bolstered his expertise by taking part in new work-related experiences: the most significant being the founding of Alberto Vaccari & C.

His son, Manuel, from being a child, came to know and love the work of fine jewellery through his father’s teachings. He first studied abroad gaining specific experience in the commercial sector and gemmology, wherefore, based on this shared passion/expertise between father and son, Ofir was founded in 1989.

The choice of the name is symbolic: the mythical region of Ofir, mentioned in the Bible, is a place of extraordinary wealth and abundance, capable of conjuring up fantasies and the desire for travel, discovery, precious stones and jewellery. All those things that Atelier Ofir wished to offer its clients.


The company’s production facility and offices are in Valenza, in the province of Alessandria, the oldest and most famous jewellery production district in Italy.

It is here that Atelier Ofir came into being, and from where Manuel Vaccari proudly carries on a family history of style and passion based on goldsmith craftsmanship: Thirty years of loyal service to the company, its many collaborators and the precision of the technologies used.